Bohus is getting back in the game.

Ted Bohus, writer/producer of The Deadly Spawn, has always had his hand dipped in the independent horror cauldron but it's been a while since we've seen him attached to anything, to say the least. Recently, Bohus joined with long time friends, Dave Baumuller, Kevin Clement and John Skerchock to form Horror Biz Films, a production entity that aims to make its mark on the genre scene with Hell on Earth, a project that's likening itself in tone to Evil Dead, Demon Knight and From Dusk till Dawn. But after reading the synopsis, there's a touch of The Gate in there as well...

Aspiring filmmakers will be able to track the progress of making the film at both the Horror Biz site, and The Official Deadly Spawn website.


“I wrote this film in the ’80s and it started out as a slapstick comedy,” Bohus continues. “When a few of the comedy/horror films tanked at the box office, I shelved the project, but I still liked the idea of putting an EVIL DEAD-type film right in the middle of town. Since everyone is magically sealed in the house, you don’t need to stage it in an isolated setting. From outside, the house looks normal, but inside, all hell is breaking loose!

”The cast includes Brett (FAIRVIEW FALLS) Fallon as Bobby, Kristin Woodburn as Peggy, Terry Shane as Ernie, Teresa Vicario as Lucy, Pat Ceasar as Aunt Sadie, Peter (CEMETERY GATES) Stickles as Chris, Emily Alpren as Ginger, Don Money as Norman, Aimee Hofmann as Lisa, Mary Corinne Miller as Janet and. “Teri Shields [pictured]—Brooke’s mom—has agreed to be an executive producer on the film,” Bohus reveals, “and THE DEADLY SPAWN’s executive producer Ron Giannotto and editor Marc Harwood are also on board.

HELL ON EARTH is a production of Horror Biz Films, and Bohus says, “Our line producer, Ken Greenblatt, got back from the Cannes festival and said this type of film is doing very well. The studios are realizing that low-budget films have a vast following. Pay a little money for the film and put a lot into advertising, and you just might hit paydirt. We hope this film might fit into that sort of scenario. Dave Baumuller has been my right hand, and we have a topnotch crew. I’ve met a bunch of talented special effects artists at conventions, and now they are all working on some part of the film.” And as he told us previously, “We’d like our next film to possibly be DEADLY SPAWN 2.” —Michael Gingold


** New Jersey-based filmmaker Ted (THE DEADLY SPAWN) Bohus gave Fangoria the scoop on his latest project, titled HELL ON EARTH. "It's going to be the first production by Horror Biz Films, and I'm writing and directing," he tells us. "It's a fast-paced horror/comedy- kind of like THE EVIL DEAD for the MTV crowd - about a family trapped in a house fighting a bunch of monsters and demons. The son is on crutches, and his parents and the rest of the family are really nasty to him; they also have an old aunt who used to run an occult bookstore, and they all think she's a witch - the only reason they tolerate her is the government check they get every month to take care of her. Unfortunately, what they don't realize is that she actually does have connections to creatures from another dimension. A magical book brings the demons into this world, and the characters become sealed in the house and have to figure out how to destroy them." (thanks to


Finally, most of the film is cast! From left to right, EMILY ALPREN as Ginger, DON MONEY as Norman, PETER STICKLES as Chris, TERRY SHANE as Ernie, AIMEE HOFMANN as Lisa, BRETT FALLON as Bobby, MARY CORINNE MILLER as Janet, TERESA VICARIO as Lucy, KRISTIN WOODBURN as Peggy and PAT CEASER as Aunt Sadie. Demon by TERRY CRUIKSHANK. I'll list the rest of the effects crew asap!